Fortress Corporate Escrow Services is a services company that serves corporate, institutional and retail clients. Securities transfer, corporate trust and deposit taking services are all offered through Fortress Corporate Escrow Services. Fortress Corporate Escrow Services serve the business-to-business market. Our goal is to be one of the worlds top services company.


The reason is simple. Our mandate is to build a client-centric culture that delivers exceptional service across all of our services. We partner with our clients and their advisors to facilitate smooth completion of their work by providing personalized, responsive and hands-on service from seasoned, knowledgeable teams that understand your business needs.


It is important that the partners you choose embrace values that will make it easier for you to do business. At Fortress Corporate Escrow Services, we value:

Client service

Our firm is organized around your needs. We practice quick response times, offer dedicated relationship managers, online tools, etc. We employ innovative solutions and implement risk free strategies that are customized to suit your business needs and regulatory requirements

Experience and skill

We have an experienced team that understands your needs and can work alongside you to accomplish your objectives in a secure environment. We can quickly assess complex situations which allows us to provide suitable solutions for your business whilst mitigating any potential risk

Operational efficiency

We have top-rated internal processes, implemented infrastructure and systems that enable our team to work efficiently and effectively to meet your business demands.

Commitment to partnership

We understand the value of a strong partnership and are committed to your success. Our goal is to build long-term sustainable relationships with our clients, and grow with them.

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