Fortress Corporate Escrow Services is a full-service transfer agent and escrow service dedicated to corporations, mergers and acquisitions and the sale of assets. From large shareholder based accounts to mid-sized or smaller companies, Fortress Corporate Escrow Services offers secure, professional and fully compliant securities transfer services.
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What we offer

Our mission is simple. To provide secure escrow facilities for a range of different sectors. We partner with our clients and their advisors to facilitate a seamless completion of their work.


We offer a wide range of secure escrow and securities transfer services, dedicated project managers, online tools, etc. We employ innovative systems and infrastructure that are customized to your suit your business needs and regulatory requirements


We have an experienced team that understands your needs and can work alongside you to accomplish your objectives in a secure environment. We can quickly assess complex situations which allows us to provide suitable solutions for your business whilst mitigating any potential risk

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